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Review: Ender’s Game

I read Ender’s Game this Spring and really liked it. It was one of those books that received a 5 star rating from me on Goodreads because reading it changed me. The book and movie tell a futuristic tale of preparing for war. The method of preparation is the controversial part. In the end, I am left asking myself, “Which way is right?”
The movie stayed true to the book in all the ways that mattered to me. There were parts I would have liked to see more of, of course, but isn’t there always? The actors were well-suited to their parts. Three cheers for Asa Butterfield for pulling off a young Ender!
I loved watching this book come to life. Even non-readers will find themselves enjoying the movie. I know of someone who has seen the movie only once and is planning to use the themes of it to teach out-of-the-box leadership strategies to her staff.
Look for this Ender’s Game Poster at your local theater and go see it!
Please tell me what you thought of Ender’s Game, either the book or the movie.

VIDEOS: Catching Fire Cast Interviews

Chris Van Vliet Interview with Josh and Jennifer, Woody and Liam (in which Woody realizes Liam is Chris’s brother), Lenny and Elizabeth & Sam and Jena:

Part 2 of that interview in which Jennifer and Josh discuss “swamp” kissing:

EPIX interview with Jena Malone

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