Divergent Movie Review

I had the opportunity to attend an advanced screening of Divergent in exchange for an honest review.  The free tickets did not affect my opinion of the film.  I would have gladly paid for my ticket, in fact I plan to pay for several of my tickets when I return to see it repeatedly at the theater.

When it was announced that the Divergent book I loved so much, was being made into a movie, I was cautiously excited.  Excited because I always love to see my beloved fictional friends through someone else’s eyes.  But cautious because of the unknowns…. will they do it justice, will they tell the same story, will the actors get the characters right and will people who haven’t read the book be able to understand it?

Having seen it, I can assure you, I am now ONLY excited to see it again.  I cannot think of anybody (13 or over) that lives and breathes who won’t like this film.  The story flows well, there is plenty of action, and the plot follows the book.  Everyone I talked to after the movie agreed that this is one of the BEST book to film adaptations EVER!! Yeah, I said it.

I don’t care how many times you have read the book, you will still find yourself wondering, “Will she make it?”  “Are they crazy?” “Will she stop on time?”  I promise, you will be on the edge of your seat at times and your blood will be pumping.  The adrenaline rush I felt from watching it paralleled the rush I get from a 30 minute run.  At times, I actually had to catch my breath from holding it in so long in anticipation.

The score and soundtrack of Divergent deserve some praise too.  There wasn’t a moment when I was staring at the screen (afraid to blink and miss something) when my hearing sense wasn’t busy as well.

The music woven throughout the film added depth to the emotions being caused by the spot-on portrayals by the actors.  There is no more wondering; Shailene Woodley IS Tris and Theo James plays Four better than anyone else I could imagine.  I also want to give a shout out to Miles Teller for portraying the convincing douche canoe that is Peter and to Jai Courtney for kicking ass as heartless Dauntless leader Eric.

I feel a special thank you needs to be given to Neil Burger for putting this film together in the way he did with the cast he did.  My sincerest congratulations go to him for making Veronica Roth’s cameo appearance last for more than a fraction of a second.  Without giving away any spoilers, I will tell you that she bursts on to the screen and grabs your attention.  You can’t miss her!!!

Overall, watching this movie was like taking a courageous ride down a zip-line.  I was nervous, I was anxious, I was scared and then I was confident, I was entertained and I was brave.  Seeing the Divergent movie was a hair raising experience that I can’t wait to have again and again!!!! Who’s with me??

***Let it be noted that Casey attended the screening with me and she whole-heartedly agrees with this review.  That makes Divergent 4 thumbs up from Fangirl Moms!!  We are taking the husbands this week and we will let you know what they think!*** ~Jolene

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