The Mortal Instruments City of Bones Themed Photoshoot

Early in July, we found out that the TMI Mall Tour was coming to The Mall of America and Cassie Clare was scheduled to be on that stop.  Minneapolis is only about 5 hours from us so the first Fangirl Moms trip was born.  We were going to fangirl with other fans and would meet Jamie Campbell Bower, Lily Collins, Kevin Ziegers and CASSIE CLARE!   We were SO excited!

Being the obsessed fangirls we are, and seeing as how Cassie’s books have changed our lives and brought us together, we wanted to make something meaningful to give Cassie in Minneapolis.  What could we possibly make that would be meaningful as well as personalized?  Eventually, we decided to dress up in Shadowhunter cosplay and have a photo shoot. We would then give Cassie the pictures with a personalized note! Our wheels were turning then, so off we went to create our costumes.  Thanks to Goodwill, Joann’s Fabric and Crafts, Michael’s, Hot Topic and, we created costumes complete with weapons, steles and runes.

Finally, it was time for the photoshoot with the very talented Nodland Photography!   A friend brought over his motorcycle and we all met in a location perfect for our theme. Fangirl Moms were totally rockin’ it in full cosplay; TMI, City of Bones style.  As you will see, the photos turned out amazing!

Enjoy the pics and check out our Behind the Scenes blog post by Nodland Photography.  Meanwhile, stay tuned for the scoop on our trip to the actual TMI Mall Tour Stop in Minneapolis.~CA



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  1. Tiffany

    You both look absolutely AMAZING!!! I’m insanely jealous of this photoshoot. 😉

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