Fangirling Mr. Robert Sheehan

The man I have the most feels for, next to my husband of course, is Robert Sheehan!  Whom I prefer to endearingly call Robbie!  He is a sensational actor and an absolutely incredible person.

A truly gifted actor, no matter what character he plays, he creates tangible characters that are so real they invoke genuine emotions.  It’s no wonder that just over the past couple of years he has been nominated for six different film and television awards and recently was awarded the James Joyce Award from the Literary and Historical Society at UCD!


Aside from his natural talent, what really stands out to me is he is such a unique individual who is true to himself.   There is nobody else on Earth like Robbie and he doesn’t want to be like anyone else.  For instance, he doesn’t have a filter and seems to say whatever is on his mind.  This might be off-putting to some, but I find it quite charming, not to mention very amusing!

Also, Robbie is such a delightful person: funny, sweet, kind, well-spoken and always personable.  He absolutely adores meeting his fans!  I personally love how he frequently addresses his fans as “my love.”  Of course, I’ve never actually met him…yet!  I look forward to the day when he calls me “my love.”  *Swoon*

Finally, let’s not forget his great fashion sense.  Who else can pull-off Dent de Man Suits with glowing shoes or flip-flops?  To be fair, though, he could wear anything…or nothing at all…and still be adorbs.  I mean, the man is unequivocally gorgeous with those delectable curls of his, intoxicating smile and green eyes that seem to look right into your soul.  Then, to top it off, his Irish accent is lovely.  Whether it be his talent, personality, charisma, or stunning good-looks, Robert Sheehan shines the brightest! ~CA

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